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I'm so happy you're here! Now tell me...

Does this sound like you?

  • You're looking for direction and guidance in your life

  • You need help knowing what to do next

  • You want answers

But right now...

  • You're not sure where to turn

  • You feel more confused than ever

  • You're stuck and unsure how to move forward

And let me guess, you've already tried...

  • Online tarot reading websites

  • Reading tarot cards on your own

  • Other intuitive readers

But what if it didn't have to

be that way?


  • Having the clarity you need so you can move forward confidently

  • Trusting that you're on the right path

  • Feeling excited about what's next

All while feeling at peace with where you are and knowing that you are being divinely guided.


Well... you're in the right place!

You ARE being divinely guided, and you have everything you need within you to lead you right into success, happiness, peace, and whatever else you're manifesting in your life and desire.

Intuitive Guidance

Tarot Readings signature reading for people who are ready to get unstuck, get answers, and guidance from source on how to move forward.​

How it works...

  • You choose how long you'd like your reading to be (15, 30, and 60 minute options)

  • We get on the phone or zoom and I tap in and do your reading

  • You get the answers you're looking for and the guidance you need right now!

This reading will give you...

  • The clarity and guidance you've been searching for

  • Confidence in yourself and your direction

  • Loving guidance from source energy

“This was my first reading and what she gave me was better than what I expected. I love her energy, honesty and the time she took to be in tune with me. I am truly grateful for her gift.”

LaKia T.

How does this sound?

The answers you've been looking for, in a single phone call, for a price that works for you.

I have three tarot reading options:

  1. 15 minutes for $45

  2. 30 minutes for $75

  3. 60 minutes for $150 (my most popular offering!)

After you're reading, the thing that has been long eluding you will not longer be an issue and you'll be able to move forward with certainty!


This is for you if...

  • You're looking for guidance

  • You feel lost and stuck

  • You know there's a divine plan for you

And even if...

  • You've had bad readings in the past

  • You feel skeptical

  • You have doubts

Oh! And I'm Priti.

Let me officially introduce myself!

I'm an internationally renowned Intuitive Tarot Reader and Manifestation Coach with almost a decade of experience in working with thousands of clients by accurately tapping into their energy of past, present, and future. I  believe we all have intuition and we just need our intuition to be validated and that's where I come in to guide you. I am grateful to have the gift of Clairvoyance, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Claircognizant passed on to me by my grandmother and my mother. I am a master manifester and help my client manifest the life that they deserve.

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Here's what my clients are saying...

Celeste M.

"She tunes in very fast and is accurate. Does not sugarcoat. I highly recommend!"

Jerry B.

"Priti is the best! She never disappoints me."

Brittney L.

"Priti was super informant and I am grateful for the connection and messages she's shared."

A guarantee...

While I cannot do the work for you after your reading, I promise that I will show up with love, light, and ready to channel the deepest and most profound messages I can for you. I will show up fully, ready to bring you the guidance that is on it's way to you.

Due to the nature of this work, I do not offer refunds. But I can promise that I will show up fully and completely for our reading together.

A little recap...

In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page.

My Intuitively Guided Tarot Readings are my signature tarot offering that will help you find clairty, direction, and the answers you're looking for.

This is a quick and easy solution to everything you're wondering about right now! And all you have to to is book a 15, 30, or 60 minute reading. Source will do the rest.


There are three different reading options to choose from:


  • 15 minute reading for $45

  • 30 minute reading for $75

  • 60 minute reading for $150 (my most popular intuitive reading offer!)

You're getting the answers that the Universe so desperately wants to deliver to you, on a single Zoom or phone call with me. Talk about quick results!

I want you to get the answers that you need. I’m committed to showing up for you. The question is, are you committed to showing up for yourself?

Questions? I'm just an email away.

You can email me at or simply click HERE.

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